The Rise Of Standing Desk Workstations

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Many occupations are best performed in a sitting position, but too much sitting has been linked to negative health effects. Numerous studies have associated prolonged sitting with a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, and early death. Standing desks in the office have been shown to have significant mental, physical, and metabolic benefits for employees. From improving moods and increasing productivity to reducing back and neck pain, standing desks can help realign corporate America when used effectively.

Realigning Corporate America | Standing Desks

Benefits of standing desks in the workplace

There are not very many thorough studies on the health effects of standing desks or occupational sitting, but one study showed that employees with standing desks reduced sitting time gradually. A reduction in sitting time led to improvements in work-related tasks and psychological health. Some health experts recommend that the ideal amount of standing time per day should be around 2 hours with light walking. The time spent standing depends entirely on the employee.

Standing desk hacks

Standing all day can cause muscle strain and fatigue, neck and back pain, and more adverse health effects. In order to get the most out of a standing desk, employees are recommended to purchase adjustable-height desks so they can adjust the top of their computer screen to their eye level. Gel floor pads and comfortable shoes can reduce pressure on the feet while standing.

First-time users should begin by incorporating using a standing desk for 30 minutes or less and gradually build up the amount they spend standing. To avoid standing in one posture, micro-movements can help alleviate discomfort and keep the body limber.

Standing desks and light walking

Apart from splitting the day up between standing and sitting, walking around the office or outside can have numerous health benefits. From improving moods and creativity to reducing the risk of early death, walking for even just a couple of minutes every hour can give employees a boost of energy to tackle the rest of the day.

Standing desks are increasingly popular across companies in corporate America. For some people, standing desks can help them perform their job duties better. The benefits of using standing desks vary by profession but can provide an alternative to prolonged sitting in the workplace. Employees can experience mental and physical benefits that can improve the bottom line.